A neighborhood of vision and planning

Change is constant, and thoughtful change honors the past and embrace the needs of the future. This is the case with Brightwalk, a redevelopment of a brownfield community adjacent to the Center City, a redevelopment that engages the talents of accomplished designers, planners, and product creators.

Brightwalk anchors the north end and the “applied innovation corridor” called for in the  2020 Vision Plan.  Brightwalk is one of eight neighborhoods including NODA and Druid Hills that are referenced as key communities in this corridor.  The community bike loop, connections to transit including the future Blue Line, and neighboring communities, are consistent with the 2020 plan’s vision for walkable, healthy neighborhoods  that nurture creativity and innovation in the workplace and at home.

Public art will be one of the defining elements of Brightwalk.    Chandra Denise Cox, an accomplished artist and Head of the Department of Art and Design at NC State University, College of Design, was commissioned to develop the plan for public art in this corridor. The first of several expressions of visual art anticipated for Brightwalk has been installed.

Sustainability and green building practices are not empty promises at Brightwalk.   Recycling of previous building materials, stream restoration, and construction of homes and offerings properly scaled and efficiently designed are hallmarks of the community as recognized by Audubon Lifestyles.