Bringing Brightwalk to life.

Brightwalk was created by a number of development and building partners.  The Housing Partnership, master developer for Brightwalk, oversaw all land and amenity development in conjunction with its design team, community and development partners.  A key development partner is CalAtlantic Homes, an accomplished national builder with a strong reputation for quality design and customer service.  

CalAtlantic has been most intentional in its design of the homes and townhomes at Brightwalk.  Designs blend a variety of styles and  materials, practicality, environmental responsibility and the flexibility to address the needs of changing households.  

Additional building and development partners with expertise in urban development will be announced for the following:

  • Apartments
  • Offices and Live Work Residences
  • Shops and Restaurants

All development partners follow architectural guidelines designed to integrate a variety of architectural styles and building uses into a rich and cohesive fabric.