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Brightwalk’s master plan comprises more than 98 acres inclusive of parks, greenway trails, roads, commercial and residential offerings.  The master plan  combines single family homes, townhomes and apartments with an extensive trail system, shops, offices and restaurants.   Distinctive landscape elements include a variety of green spaces, a signature bridge, and public art consistent with the community’s vision.

The design team for Brightwalk is comprised of nationally recognized planners, builders and community partners intent on creating an enduring neighborhood that complements its surroundings.  The Housing Partnership, master developer of Brightwalk, worked closely with Shook Kelley, LandDesign, and its community partners to create a plan enhancing connections to neighborhoods, schools, churches, parks and greenways.

The neighborhood and its diverse offerings are complemented by improvements being made to Statesville Avenue and work that the Housing Partnership and others are doing to homes, businesses and shops in Druid Hills and the North End area.